Dream11: Join the Thrill of Fantasy Cricket

dream11 join the thrill of fantasy cricket

82Lottery will guide you through the exciting world of Dream11, the leading platform for fantasy cricket enthusiasts. Whether you are an experienced player looking to improve your strategies or a novice ready to learn the ropes, this comprehensive guide will help you acquire the information and understanding necessary to succeed in fantasy cricket.

How to Dream11 Login/Register

To log in to Dream 11, visit their website or open the app and enter your registered email ID and password. If this is your first time using the service, you must register by providing your email address, creating a password, and verifying your mobile phone number.

How to Play Dream11

Playing Dream 11 involves selecting a cricket match, creating a virtual team of real-life players within a budget, and joining contests with other users. Your team earns points based on the chosen players’ performance during the match.

How to Make a Team in Dream11

To make a team in Dream 11, first choose an upcoming match. Then, select players while staying within the budget allotted for player selection. Ensure a balanced combination of batters, bowlers, all-rounders, and a wicketkeeper.

How to Create a Contest in Dream11

After creating your team, navigate to the ‘Contests’ section and click ‘Create Contest.’ Set the entry fee, number of participants, and prize distribution for your contest. Your content will be created once you’ve done this, and other users can join it.

how to create a contest in dream11

How to Change Dream11 Team Name

To alter the name of your Dream 11 team, navigate to the settings of your profile and select the option to “Edit Profile.”

How to Change Dream11 Username

Dream 11 does not offer an option to change your username once the account is created. If you want to change your username, you can contact their customer support team.

Dream11 Prediction

Dream 11 prediction in 82Lottery involves analyzing player performance, pitch conditions, team strategies, and other factors to forecast the outcome of matches. Utilize available resources and your knowledge of the game to make informed predictions.

How to Delete Dream11 Account

Contact their customer support team to delete your Dream 11 account and request deletion. They will guide you through the process and ensure your account is deactivated.

Is Dream 11 Legal

Yes, Dream 11 is legal in India and operates under the guidelines set by relevant laws and regulations. It is considered a game of skill rather than gambling.

Is Dream 11 Banned in Tamil Nadu?

Some changes have been made to the state’s Gaming Act as part of the amendment that Tamil Nadu passed. Companies are still trying to figure out what these changes mean, but people from Tamil Nadu need help to participate in pay-to-play contests on sites or apps like Dream 11.

When Will Dream 11 Open in Karnataka?

The Karnataka High Court threw out parts of the controversial changes to the Karnataka Police Act of 1963 that dealt with online games. After Kerala and Madras, this is the third high court to lift limits that state governments had put on the online gaming business.


Dream 11 is a thrilling platform for cricket enthusiasts to showcase their skills and knowledge of the game. 82Lottery has compiled the frequently asked questions about the Dream11 fantasy cricket app to help new players get started. This comprehensive guide by 82Lottery helps players easily understand the registration and login process, how to create and manage a team, and how to create and join contests. Additionally, the guide covers key aspects such as Dream 11 prediction and the legality of the platform. Overall, the guide is an excellent source of information for new and experienced players looking to enjoy the thrill of fantasy cricket on Dream 11.

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